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The Era has come to an end this was the story of a young man. Trying to find meaning in life. 

And 110 other Amazing people in a journey over 10 Years
This is where it all started. 

The house was sold and it is still there. Its under new ownership and if you would like to book a room. 

The story began in:

These days you will find me over at


Eagledale was established in 2005 in Pretoria, South Africa. With the sole intention of providing good, full featured accommodation to focused and dynamic young students, providing them with a stepping stone into the real world.

Eagledale is a shared, self catering, student residence, a home away from home. In total the house has 10 comfortable rooms, some with en-suite bathrooms. The overall nature of the house provides a study-friendly environment. Only full time registered students will be accepted.

All resident students at Eagledale are young, dynamic hard working students, focused on their next step into the real world. Eagledale provides most of the basic necessities that makes life as a student just so much easier.